At no other time have I felt the true toggling between the words and intention in my work – Health in Body, Soul, and Spirit.

I had a moment of clarity this morning while I was taking my daily walk. As I was providing social distance with my fellow walkers I acknowledged how strange it felt and then I noticed I was connecting through my heart and in my Spirit and their Spirit. While there is need for distancing physically, I invite you to see that it opens the opportunity to connect on those other levels that you connect with fellow human beings. A rare gift to be found in this time of change! There are often disruptions that propel human evolution forward and I choose to see this current global disruption as that opportunity to practice more of the skills of spiritual connection while physical distance is needed.

This image of these roses holds the feeling that I am in the presence of today– Humans Becoming. Notice how the rose holds one color and has hint of another arising.

Humans Becoming








This becoming is possible when we stay in our heart and connect with others through our heart with compassion and understanding. My friend Kelly and I have been holding a monthly virtual mini retreat called Embody Heart. We invite you to participate to join us for our next one on April 4th as our guest.
Let’s find some silence together and practice some tools to soothe anxiety and fear. Please register HERE



strong spirit and bodyBe strong in spirit and body, but allow yourself to experience the whole range of human emotions. Sometimes being strong for others causes us to dismiss our own feelings. Be aware and careful that you are allowing yourself to acknowledge and express emotions in some way. Recognize that you may be having a whole range of emotions that change hourly as news in our world changes hourly.

Depending on the day I have tears, sometimes for my own fears and sometimes for what others are experiencing. What happens at the end of those tears is the important part – a sacred silence. When you allow yourself to cry there is a natural stopping point and in that moment you may hear the voice of your Soul. What arises is something new because you have allowed movement of your emotion.

Here is a short one minute clip that may help you calm if you are anxious. Use it anytime to breathe through times of upset, fear, or frustration. Bring all of your awareness to your heart and inhale to a count of 5 and exhale to a count of 5 or at a relaxed pace that feels comfortable to you.

Another great tool is joining and participating in the Global Coherence Initiative. It is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. There is a free meditation and you can see where all of the other people in the world logged in and meditating with you!

Parents you may access the HeartSmarts Adventure eLearning Program for Ages 4 to 6+  FREE to help with your child’s emotional intelligence learning with colorful and engaging activities to help educate children on healthy choices and smart behaviors.

This has been a month of enforced slow down for many while others are working in environments demanding many new ways with procedures and protocols and added stress. So all of us are experiencing some kind of change in habit or routine. One of the definitions of grief is the conflicting feelings that arise from any change or end of a familiar pattern. The reason that I feel this is so important to understand right now is to help you see that you/we are in grief and the more that you/we can be present to feelings the more that we can acknowledge them. There may be several things you are feeling – fear, anger, gratitude for friends and family etc.  By acknowledging them it is possible to adapt more quickly to the moment at hand.

Here are some helpful things to do during this time of overwhelming grief and isolation?

1. Remember there is nothing wrong with you. Grief can be lonely and isolating on its own. Even though the whole world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, you are very much unique in how it impacts you. How you feel is never the same as someone else and your feelings are normal.

2. Video Chat. Choose your favorite video chat service and start an online meeting based on common interests like a book club, spiritual program or a trivia night.

3. Don’t intellectualize. Grief is emotional, not logical or intellectual. Following CDC and government regulations for sheltering in place and social distancing is what we all should do for our own safety and the welfare of our families, coworkers and community, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There’s no need to explain away your feelings with intellectual truths. In fact, doing that could make you feel more isolated because you think you have no one to talk to.

4. Practice your present moment skills. When you find yourself going out of the moment remember that you can get back in the present. First acknowledge your thoughts and feelings (so you’re not avoiding them) then try to focus on what’s happening right in front of you. This works best if you allow yourself to have your feelings as they arise. It’s much harder if you try to ignore or push your feelings away.

5. Do an activity. Try cleaning, organizing, exercising, cooking, doing crafts with your kids, teaching your dog a new trick, home improvements, gardening, working, going in the yard for fresh air or reading a book.

Source: Grief Recovery Institute