Growing Through Grief

Helping You Through Rough Waters

Has your life become a constant state of DOING instead of BEING?
Are you even aware of who you are BEING while you are DOING what you do?

If you are feeling like you are living your life on auto pilot and you’re not even sure you are the pilot anymore – I’m glad you are here! Culturally, the term crazy busy” has become as a badge of honor or at least a new normal that is accepted. But really are you an intentional creator of your day from your values and passions or just trying to get through most days with your sanity intact? Daily drains in your energy means altered sleep, stress eating, altered moods, or maybe just a sense of numbness.

Do you feel stuck, stagnant, or just blah?

Are you aware of personal habits that may be draining your energy on a regular basis?  Stress is a full-body expression that releases chemicals into your body that can be very damaging physically. What most people don’t understand is that it quickly begins to limit your ability to think creatively and live in your higher functioning brain and be doing what you really want to be doing not just what you have to.

I have 2 ways you can get started regaining your energy, enlivening self-healing capacities and living life more from your heart centered Self informed by your head intelligence. In each of these opportunities I teach you the evidence base set of tools from HeartMath® in addition to other tools and coaching.

Work With Me 1-on-1

If you know you want support but prefer to do it in private or you have a hectic schedule and need custom fit appointment times then 1on1 could be the best solution for you plus we can get to the heart of your specific needs faster.

Join My Next Group

If you prefer to have a supportive group around you that will lift you up, move through lessons together, and create accountability with others, the group format will work for you.

Want to Learn More About Me & My Philosophies First?

Grief and loss of any kind can turn your life around in an instant, without warning! 

If you’re experiencing this right now or are simply just having a hard time coping in general then you want to read on for sure.

If you’re not ready to dive in just yet with some coaching or classes, grab my FREE eBook that I want to give you just for having the courage to get to know me and put yourself out there.

Finding Calm in Your Heart

Steps on How to Find Calm in Your Heart During Physiological Stress

You will learn:
The physiological effects of stress, the science behind the energetic field of your heart, how to be a conscious co-creator in your day, and the techniques to connect to your heart and intuitive intelligence.

Do you need more support?

Do you feel stuck, stagnant, or just blah? Overwhelmed or out of balance?

Schedule your free consultation today to experience breakthroughs for your grief.