Self-care is so important when moving through loss as we all have in these unprecedented times. I hope you are finding ways to take care of yourselves. That self-care needs to include finding healthy ways to process emotions that are often mismanaged. The emotions of rage, anger, frustration may be among some of what you have been processing. If not given expression in some way, anger is often buried under depression.Sugar Addiction and Processing Loss

Grief recovery work often reveals several layers of emotional processing. It also reveals patterns of emotional avoidance. You may be hearing about the “quarantine 15” in circles talking about health effects of these last months. This is the name given to the 15-pound weight gain during “shelter in place.” Sugar addiction is a difficult thing to combat when emotions run high and the body craves sugar more to numb the emotions. More on this below and an invitation to join a 5-Day Reset with full support to get off sugar and stop the cravings!

One of the concepts I work with in grief recovery is STERBS.This is an acronym for short term energy relieving behaviors. These include any behaviors that create a distraction or take your attention off of what you are feeling, especially when the emotions are uncomfortable. Drinking and eating are two of these STERBS and they may have been running rampant during this “shelter in place” time.

Since this is such an important time for us to support our immune systems and get healthy, I have partnered with an AMAZING line up of health coaches for a week-long nutritional, educational, and emotional support! Turn your grief and loss around and bring health to your body with a great community of support!

How to Join

Please email me at OR you may go directly to and purchase your supplies. There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for health coaching and speaker series!

How Much Does It Cost?

For just $100 (plus tax) you will receive:

  • Six LIVE Educational/Coaching ZOOM Calls
  • Direct access to your own sugar buster coach
  • 5 Day RESET Kit (no stimulants, no hunger
  • Access to the Sugar Buster Online Forum for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation
  • Shopping lists & recipes that you can personalize for your tastes so you know exactly what to eat that’s enjoyable and keeps you healthy
  • Handouts, and tons of other resources to continue on with your health goals
  • Lifetime access to Sugar Buster resources – You can repeat the program as many times as you desire


Sunday July 12 – What It IS and How It Works with Dr Karen Wolfe
Dr Karen is a leading voice to discern how to use the massive amounts information in the field of nutrition, stress and functional medicine to “create health”

Monday July 13 “Creating A Vision for Your Life that Works” with Sheila Sornsin
Sheila is a health and wellness coach and speaker with emphasis in the mind/body/spirit.

Tuesday July 14: HeartMath – Tools for Resilience, Coherence, and Calm with Michele Mariscal, PhD
Michele is a speaker, facilitator, and author. Her specialties include grief recovery as well HeartMath coach and trainer.

Wednesday July 15 The Science of Sugar Addiction and Emotional Eating with Dr Karen
Learn the science of why we are addicted to sugar so you can take back control!

Thursday July 16 – Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Carol Ebert
This technique decreases cortisol levels, reduces stress and can helps you make better decisions about eating
Carol began her career in Nursing and is now an education specialist with a broad range of healthcare and corporate wellness experience.

Friday July 17 – Balancing Your Energy with Dr Deborah Kern, PhD
Dr Deb is a health scientist, visionary teacher and guide who is dedicated to helping women live divinely embodied