I’m noticing that we are getting much better as a culture at acknowledging grief. The loss that is upon us is cause for grief and things that are important in your own processing are:

  • Every loss is unique – allow yourself to acknowledge what you are feeling without needing to compare or judge
  • Everyone grieves differently and at different intervals
  • The experience of grief may look different with those in your families. There are many cognitive challenges as our body’s internal systems are digesting and metabolizing all of this grief.
  • Fuzzy-headedness, brain fog, and lack of focus are all normal during times of grief
  • Feeling like an “emotional mess” is normal, don’t try to fix. Express it in some way – move it – animals in the wild shake their body to shake off trauma. Moving out into the outdoors can be healing as well to just feel the warmth of the sun, notice the birds singing, watch the leaves in the trees blowing.

Whatever experience you are having, notice it, accept that in this moment it is what you feel, name it, and then see what comes up for you as the next best thing for you to do and do that – your body is wise and will guide you if you listen to your inner voice.

If you would like to see more about the ways in which I support people in their grief process please see those options here; https://energym.org/griefrecoverymethod/