Has your life become a constant state of DOING instead of BEING? Are you even aware of who you are BEING while you are DOING what you do?  

The human body doesn’t differentiate between a BIG stress or a little one. Stress has a predictable effect on your physiology and you may be experiencing many mini stressful states that are adding up to a BIG hit on your body, mind and emotions!  Did you know that some “under the radar” emotional states may be causing this and you’re not even aware of it?

Do you feel stuck, stagnant, or just blah?

Are you aware of personal habits that may be draining your energy on a regular basis?  Stress is a full-body expression that releases chemicals into your body that can be very damaging physically. What most people don’t understand is that it quickly begins to limit your ability to think creatively and live in your higher functioning brain!

How many times have you said or done things that you wish you could take back?

With the Heart Based Living for Better Health teachings that I work with people in, you learn how to identify those situations, emotions, and conditions that are causing energy drains throughout the day.  Over time these drains causes fatigue, anxiety, depression, and poor sleep just to name a few.

If you want to be a more conscious co-creator of your day then you need to make small incremental changes that become habits.  Change happens over time.

Self-regulation tools for emotional balance (evidence-based set of tools from the Institute of HeartMath™)

Are you plagued by anxiety and overwhelm? Do you long to be able to have clarity of thought, more energy at the end of your days, and better communication in your relationships? Join me in a group live online experience for 6 weeks of learning, skill building, and support to build habits for life that will bring you these results!

  • Skills to build habit of practice of self-regulation tools
  • Science and research from the Institute of HeartMath
  • Accountability and homework
  • Six sessions  – 75-minute group classes 
  • Online bank of recorded practices/tools
  • Printed and virtual access to materials for course
  • Pre and Post stress assessment


 Thursdays starting October 12, 2023

Each class will be 75 minutes and start at 6pm EST

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